Phone Conversation

I understand sometimes you may be ill, unable to make it back to Dallas, we have inclement weather, or you live elsewhere. So we will want to make appropriate accommodations. I also know many of my clients are busy professionals, and a phone call is much easier to work into your schedule than an in-office visit. In addition, it can take significant courage to begin coaching sessions. Starting with phone coaching sessions can be less intimidating and you may feel more open to express yourself without being face-to-face.

How to Prepare

For the first session, my preference is to meet with you in-person if at all possible. This gives better insight into how you interact and an idea of what your body language might be expressing. At this time, discuss with me your need for phone sessions. If meeting in-person session is not ideal for you, just let me know and we’ll talk about your needs, the process, and how the first session will proceed.

What to Expect

Phone coaching will be very similar to in-person coaching. I will possibly ask more questions to get a better idea of your thoughts and feelings because I’m unable to see your facial expressions or body language.

While your confidentiality is important to me, I cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality because the session is conducted over the phone. Make sure you are in a private place — perhaps at home, your office, or in your car. We adhere to the same confidentiality guidelines as an in-person session that you will read about in your intake form.

As technology increases so do our options for coaching sessions. I recognize that many of my clients are busy professionals who are often away from the DFW area, suffer from disabilities that impede office visits or experience unforeseen circumstances that prevent them from coming into the office. For these clients, Zen Wellness Academy offers the convenience of online Skype, Zoom or Facetime coaching sessions.