Skype, Zoom or Facetime

Skype, Zoom or Facetime Sessions

Skype is a online service that allows users to make free online phone/video calls and do instant messaging. Other applications allow similar free digital phone calls.

How to Prepare

I prefer to meet with you face-to-face for your first session. If this is not a possibility, the first session may be held over the phone. During that session we can discuss the possibilities of using Skype for subsequent sessions. I will explain the process and be able to answer any questions you may have regarding online coaching.

You will need to install the free Skype software onto your computer prior to your session and create an online ID. Once you have your ID, you will e-mail me with that ID, in return, I will give you my Skype ID so that we may connect.

Prior to your session you will sign into Skype and ensure you’re listed as “online.” I will initiate contact and “call” you at the designated appointment time. I will make 3 attempts to contact you via Skype.

What to Expect

Once connected via Skype, your session will proceed in the same manner as a face to face office visit. It is important to remember that while I will work to protect your confidentiality as much as reasonably possible, I cannot guarantee complete confidentiality with Skype counseling.

The client will be responsible for ensuring they are in a private area where their conversation with me cannot be overheard. Likewise, the client must understand that any electronic communication has a possibility of being breached through technological means.

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