Relationship & Discernment

Relationship Coaching

Are you and your partner struggling with:

  • Feeling disconnected from each other
  • Decreased frequency and/or interest in sex
  • Fear that your partner has already “checked out” of the relationship
  • Feelings of desperation
  • Worry that you are making things worse
  • Difficulty seeing a future for the relationship
  • Ambivalent feels about the relationship
  • Ambivalent feelings about couples coaching
  • Unsure if you want to continue in the relationship
  • Struggling to decide what’s best

If so, Relationship/Discernment Coaching may be for you.  Unlike traditional couples coaching, Relationship/Discernment Coaching uses specific techniques for each person to determine where they are wholly tuned-in in the relationship.  Dr. Carla works with you to come to a consensus on if you should stay and work on your relationship or end it.  The goal is to gain the clarity needed to judge your relationship options and move beyond feeling “stuck.”

When one person wants to stay and work on the relationship (the “leaning in” spouse), and the other is not sure or feels like nothing can help (the “leaning out” spouse)–  Relationship/Discernment Coaching is the best course of action.  With this model, the coach provides a supportive and safe environment to thoughtfully and objectively consider all options ahead.

What you can expect:

  • Safe, non-judgmental environment to examine the history of the relationship and the breakdowns that have evolved to bring you to this point.
  • Careful evaluation of each path forward.
  • Guidance and support through the next phase, whichever path you choose.


Pathways of Discernment Coaching:

  1. Stay the same:  Accept the status quo and decide what you want to do later.
  2. Reconcile: Commit to 6 months of intensive Relationship/Discernment Coaching to renew the relationship.
  3. Divorce:  Mutually determine that divorce is the right option and learn how to do that in the most constructive way.

Dr. Carla’s personal experience(s) and professional training will meet you where you are in this process and to work with you towards a better future.