In her own words…

“I see the inherent goodness, resilience and wholeness in each individual I work with. I know that when people are allowed to express their unique significance and gifts in the most joyful, passionate and fulfilling way, they achieve ever-expanding success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

When individuals act from a unique sense of purpose, fueled by passion, I see them collaborating with others in mutually respectful and loving relationships to artfully create a world of magnificent abundance. I see them creating resilient and sustainable passion-based families, businesses and communities around the globe.

As a Quantum Transformational Life Coach and retreat facilitator, I believe we must live in our truth and integrity, connect from our hearts and use tools that will move us from obstacles to a new framework of abundance and success.

Following my passions allows me to follow my heart always and in all ways. Now it’s your turn!

– Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., ND, MSc., RYT

Quantum Transformational Life Coach

carla russo md

Dr. Carla Russo is a Quantum Transformational Life Coach who incorporates Integrative & Functional Wellness in her sessions for individuals as well as teams.  Dr. Russo holds a PhD., is a Professor of Integrative & Functional Wellness with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition and Health Sciences, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND), holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, holds a sub-specialty certification in Human Behavior, is a Certified Addiction & Recovery Life Coach, is trained in MBSR, and is a Registered Yoga Instructor specializing in Therapeutic and Rehabilitative technique.

Dr. Russo is a well sought out and highly respected expert in her field. As a life coach and keynote speaker, Dr. Russo has co-chaired and been an organizing committee member to various conferences around the globe. She has been invited to speak at prestigious universities such as Harvard and University of Texas.

Dr. Russo’s research in servant leadership led her to discover the core principles that are fundamental to the creation of high-performing enlightened individuals and teams. Through coaching and speaking, she helps individuals and groups recognize that enlightened and enlivened mindset and teamwork accelerate their path to greater success, contribution, and purposeful fulfillment.

Dr. Russo impacts her clients and audience-at-large with an educational emphasis on the power of positive thinking and mindset cultivating mindfulness in everyday living.  She pairs western and eastern scientific philosophies and practices with essential holistic wellness practices to improve overall wellbeing emotionally and physically.

Wisdom and Insight with Passion, Humor, and Sensitivity

Dr. Russo is the Founder and CEO of Zen Wellness Academy wherein she marries her depth of wisdom and insight with passion, humor, and sensitivity to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, health professionals, teachers, administrators, business leaders, A-List celebrities, NFL athletes, and moms to be the best they can be, living and leading from a driving sense of purpose, “an inner fire” and vision.

Dr. Russo’s soul-purpose and journey today are to passionately help and teach others in the importance of whole-being wellness with an emphasis on self-love, mindfulness and positivity toward life.

Dr. Russo passionately serves as an educator, leader and consultant to Corporations, Universities/Colleges, Schools Districts, Community groups, Churches, Educational Think Tanks, and Entrepreneur Masterminds for now more than 20 years ~ helping thousands of people discover and more fully express their brilliance, passion, and creativity while simultaneously improving their mental and physical wellness.

Dr. Russo is a best-selling author and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, as well as nationally syndicated radio and has a well-established private practice in the Park Cities area of Dallas, TX.