Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you have forgotten dreams that have been lying dormant?

Have you reached a fork in the road on your journey to success and need direction on which way to go?

Have you been out of touch in your day to day relationships with others?

Have you ever considered a Spiritual Life Coach?

Here at Zen Wellness Academy, we specialize in helping you to reconnect to your true heart’s desire(s). Our goal is to guide you to connect with your higher self and with the driving force within you.

We will assist you on a journey home to your Inner Self. You are ONE with Infinite Intelligence. We will work with you on gaining a deep understanding of self-mastery.



“A Self-Mastered person has mastered his or her Ego-Mind to such a degree that the mind acts as a servant, granting the individual the empowerment to actualize his or her own divine potential!”

You are perfect in a very unique way. As you master the perfection that is within you, your self-actualization will manifest, and you will be well on your way to Self-Mastery.

We take the holistic approach of dealing with all areas of a person to dive deep within and dissect the targeted issues that are holding you back from being fulfilled in all areas of life that you desire to achieve greatness. Through our Spiritual Connection Life Coaching program, we assist our clients in connecting with their higher self and reaching their greatest potential. Through the principles of The Law of Attraction, we strive to help people understand the power that they themselves possess in taking charge of their thoughts and trusting in themselves to make the right decisions that will push them into personal and relationship success. Instead of conforming to your problems, challenges, and limitations, you can begin to shape your own reality and attract the right circumstances, people and resources that you need to live the life you desire. As your coach, we will provide accountability, which helps you to stay focused on your journey. If you are currently experiencing a blockage or a season of stagnation, but you desire a life that you love waking up to every morning and resting well at night knowing that you are living your life to the fullest, Zen Wellness Academy’s Spiritual Connection Life Coaching program is for you. At Zen Wellness Academy we are able to meet you exactly where you are.

Namaste – Namaste’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that means I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of truth, of life, of peace, and love. And when we communicate with that level of awareness, WE ARE ONE!